What is Feed?

Its a FREE Mobile App that rewards you via simple social media contributions

Is Feed for free ?

Oh yeah, and it will always be this way.
A side note: when we say its for free, we mean downloading and using the App

Should I link all my social media accounts with Feed?

Yes, We actually recommend you to do so to enjoy more offers!

How do I use Feed?

1 - Visit any of the listed trendy place registered with Feed App.
2 - Click on the offer, take a lovely picture as you always do.
3 - Post the picture and don't forget to paste the hashtags.
4 - Ask the outlet for their PIN & Enjoy your reward for being Social ;)

Do I need to pay while using Feed?


What are the rewards ?

The Rewards varies from discounts or Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Can I invite my friends to enjoy Feed ?

Ofcourse you can!

How many vouchers can I redeem at the same time ?

It's all depends on the outlet's policy

What's the validity of the voucher ?

Once you post, a voucher will be generated for you which can be used anytime within the voucher validity, you can check the voucher validity from visiting "Voucher" page in the App

What does the counter shown on the offer mean ?

The offer you already used will be active again after xx amount of days

How do I contact Feed ?

Give us a shout on info@feed-app.com